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GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALaura A. Lord is the author of numerous collections of vignettes and poetry and one awesome children’s book about a T-Rex screwing up her entire day. It’s absolutely a true story. Laura graduated with an AA in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Literature, and then spent a number of years as a writing tutor at her local college. Then she got married and the man domesticated her. It’s been quite tragic. In some effort to find something more productive than laundry to do all day, Laura started her blog over at History of a Woman, and began writing in earnest.


Confessions of an Alarm Clock

by: Laura A. Lord, September 2014

There is static on every
channel and a poltergeist
in my alarm clock,
so that on the fifth
clash of the blackened
hands a cacophony is
released across the threshold
and there it hangs –
as senescent as the portrait
of my grandmother’s aunts,
as pristine as the newborn,
ivory-skinned babe downstairs.
An inimical vapor
that scurries on mephitic feet –
down my throat,
until my screams join in the
melody and together
we all sing.
We all confess.

Wake Up a Woman


Wake Up a Woman is a collection of vignettes and poetry. A young woman faces many of the common struggles, disasters, and pains involved in modern relationships. She fights back against gender stereotypes in a search to discover who she really is. What does it mean to be a woman today? Is a woman defined by what she has done in her past?

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History of a Woman


History of a Woman is a collection of vignettes and poetry that focuses on the aspects of herstory. Told from the female perspective, it challenges social and gender roles, relationships, political aspects, and love.

Available on Amazon

The Telling

BookCoverPreview - Copy

Those whispers you hear are women unbound.
Unburdened by the secrets they held.
Unabashed by their feelings.
Unashamed of their anger.
They are unclothed, uncovered, and unruly.

They are unanimous.

They are telling.

Hear them roar.

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“My name is Perjury

and I wear it well.”

Perjury delves into the stories that hide behind death, religion, and untruths. From conversations with the dying to bold claims and ownership of the “liar” that is an author, Lord covers all the bases in a raw, brutally honest fashion.

For every lie holds greater truth.

Available on Amazon

The T-Rex That Ruined My Day


Did you know that sometimes when your children are away their toys come to life? It’s true. It happened to me. That was when a T-Rex ruined my day!

Available on Amazon

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