Anthology Submissions

The Reverie will feature new poems in a yearly issue:

Fall Issue, September 2016 Reading January 1, 2016 – June  30, 2016

Reading for the Fall issue is NOW OPEN.

Submit poems for the magazine to us by email with the contact form below. You may submit 1-3 poems per submission period for the magazine.

Please include your entire submission (all of the poems you are submitting) in the form below. Only the first form sent in will be considered. Only poems received during the current reading session will be considered for publication. Please do not submit again until you have heard back from us. Current response time can be up to six weeks.

We accept new and original poems, defined as poems that have not been published elsewhere, aside from your personal blog. No simultaneous submissions nor postings to other publications.

By submitting poem(s) to the journal, you grant The Reverie First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) to publish your poem(s).

For information on FNASR, please click here.

We may be unable to accept poems that require unusual formatting. These will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to not publish your submission, though we will try to give feedback when able. If your poem requires special formatting, please let us know in the body of the message, as this form will strip ALL FORMATTING from the message.

Issues of The Reverie are a sold at cost.Therefore, no payment can be given at this time. (Hey, we’re not making anything either.)

80 thoughts on “Anthology Submissions

    • Yes, as long as we have permission from both people to publish it.

      I’d hesitate to publish any bilingual work at this time, due to most of our readership being in America and the UK. However, if you feel confident that meaning will still shine through, please send it and we can let you know.


      • I could always just submit the English version, giving credit to both myself and my friend (Brazilian Portuguese). We are currently collaborating together in a writing project (I’m fluent in Portuguese), which I’m quite excited about as it in written on a topic that is very current and something we both study up on and enjoy writing about. Yea, I think that’s what I’ll do. I’ll ask him if he minds if I submit it only in English but giving credit to both of us.
        Thanks Laura.


      • Hi Laura. I’ve just submitted the collaborative poem that I had mentioned in this comment back in October. I noticed that the title didn’t appear for some reason. At any rate, the title is: Urban Melody. The poem has to do with the effects of post-modernism and modern society. If you have any questions, or if there’s anything missing that should have been included, just let me know ok.

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  1. […] So take a moment to read the work from others in your community and vote for your favorite three this week! And yes, you can certainly vote for yourself. We don’t judge egos around here. The winner will be featured Sunday and be considered as a submission for the spring issue of the magazine. […]


  2. […] Please link all your entries to this post with a pingback or a comment by Friday at midnight EST. Saturday is the vote and Sunday the winner will be featured. The winner is also entered for a place in the spring edition of our magazine. […]


  3. […] Remember, all entries must be linked back to this post with a pingback or by commenting by Friday at midnight EST. Saturday is the vote and Sunday the winner will be featured. The winner is also entered for a place in the spring edition of our magazine. […]


  4. I submitted two poems in the submission form. I left 4 line spaces between each poem. After submitting my poems, it read to me as if both poems ran together. I am unsure how to fix this other than to say the first poem ends with the words “found nothing” and the second poem begins with the words “I remember.” I hope they read as separate pieces. Thank you for considering either of the two.

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