The Faceless Man

The Faceless Man poetry prompt

The Faceless Man poetry prompt

At first the idea was to do something about the weather, but given what the East Coast is possibly facing, maybe something entirely different is more apropos.

Above you have a mystery man. Who is he? He is anyone you want him to be. The only caveat is: he’s got to be a little…well…different. Interesting. It’s your choice in what makes him so unusual. Spin me a story about the faceless man.

Here’s a list of words to get you in the mood. Use three of these, if you please:


This video may help you along:

As with last week, I’ll be tweeting your poetry and sharing among social media sites. If you have any writerly friends who are looking for a prompt, send them my way. There’s no voting, but there is plenty of sharing and support. Let’s grow this community together.

The Adirondack Review – Publishing Opportunity

We wanted to share some love with our community and pass along information for other publishing opportunities out there…

Though we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our anthology or Write for Us submissions.

Today we are featuring, The Adirondack Review.

From their site:

The Adirondack Review is an online quarterly magazine of art and literature. We publish poetry, fiction, translation, essays, interviews, and reviews, plus a full slate of art and photography per issue.

Please click here for the rest of their submission guidelines. 


Contact: Nicholas Samaras, poetry editor

Beautiful, Brazen, Bold

Let us gather those purple passion orbs
(The vineyard is ripe and ready)
We’ll weave the vines and crown ourselves
The leaflets to cover our glory

Let us drench ourselves in precious oils
That our bodies glisten and shine
It is unto Bacchus
We give thanks for the laden vine

As the ancients of classical Greece
Whose myths never grow old
We’ll dance beneath the harvest moon
Beautiful, brazen, bold:

Intoxicated on life are we
Free from all restraints
Living less complexities
Void of any complaints

O’Prunty lives is a small town amongst the rolling hills of West Virginia, USA.  Her works have been published by Middle Island Press, with two chapbooks, “Selected Snippets” and “Unfolding Hearts” her credit. Her poem “A Fleeting Moment” appear as in an Anthology of Poetry: “Sketches of the Soul”.She has also been published in a variety of ezines, newspapers and collaborations.

Writing poetry since the tender age of ten, weaving of words has always been her true passion.  In the words of the poetess, “life has been my greatest teacher, experience is now my guide”. You can find O’Prunty’s blog here.

Photo credit: Marcello-Paoli on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

Take a snapshot in time

snapshot reflected
Today in the U.S. is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This and the movie Selma had me thinking about the Civil Rights movement and The 1960s. It’s interesting to look back at the past with a discerning eye, thinking about changes, what could have been, what might have been and what did happen. That’s what this prompt will be all about.

This week’s prompt is about taking a snapshot of an event of a bygone era or decade. Write a poem about an event in history (whether historically accurate or fictitious) from the viewpoint of a spectator. It does not have to be about a social justice issue, but something that tells us something about the time period. Example: If you were looking at England in the 1700s, maybe write about the day of a young boy who is a chimney sweep. The viewpoint could be another little boy living in the house getting its chimney cleaning.

Remember, we’re not voting on Fridays anymore, but we do have the linky so we can share our poetry. Please join in, link up your work, read others in the community. This site is meant to form a community of like-minded individuals, and so we should be here to support one another.


War Stories

When he talked about it
Out of the blue
I listened carefully to his words

The war was decades old
In his mind
And he had stories to tell

Missiles slipped off incoming planes
Scraping across the deck
He leapt out of the way

He cleaned up the messes
Left behind
When the hull was struck

A man walked into a propeller blade
On purpose
He cleaned the deck of blood

He only spoke of it one time
To me
Only one time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAElizabeth N. Love is a resident of Kansas, where the blue sky meets a flat horizon. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas and writes science fiction as well as poetry. When not writing, she is found chauffeuring two children to activities, cooking homemade meals, and practicing creativity in music, drawing, and needlework. You can find out more about her on her blog, here.

Photo credit: SkyDreammer on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

Abraxas – Publishing Opportunity

We want to share some love with our community and pass along information for other publishing opportunities out there…

Though we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our magazine, anthology, or Write for Us submissions.

Today we are featuring, Abraxas.

From their site:

The reading period for Abraxas #49 will be the month of January 2014. We welcome submissions of seven to ten poems, postmarked January 1 – 31. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. No electronic submissions, please. Contributors will receive a copy of Abraxas #49 and a 40% discount on additional copies.

We are interested in poetry that attends to language, rhythm, and music, and have a particular interest in the lyric mode. However, we are open to all forms.

Please click here for the rest of their submission guidelines. 

Address: ABRAXAS PRESS, INC., P.O. Box 260113, Madison, WI 53726-0113


Contact: Ingrid Swanberg, Editor-in Chief – Warren Woessner, Senior Editor




Words, thoughts, ideas
Sparrows between nests
Dust bathers
Noisely demanding notice

Touching the fringes
Of my consciousness

Sounds, sentiments, chords
Robin round rubicund
Challenging the garden

Echoes, ringing
Auditory shadows remembered

Scents, perfumes, motes
King Blackbird
Encircling the meadows with melody


I live, work, play and create from my home in South-West England.
My (very) recent return to writing poetry has been a shock. I knew that I had a lot to say, but not quite as much. I love the spontaneous pieces (most of my poems) and the sense of achievement when I receive a response, and that I have an audience from across the World (thank-you, everyone). My inspirations? The beautiful countryside and coast of North Devon and North Cornwall, my family, the weather: hence my blog title: The Lull After…You can find Shilyot’s blog and more of her awesome poetry, here.