The Writer in My Head

The writer in my head has a name
But it is not mine
The person I saw buried six feet under
Lives behind my soulful eyes
In my blood I feel him
As I write the words that he has given me
I feel my feet hit the ground
But its to his kind beat
He is a leaf cascading to the ground
as I watch it with the eyes he gave me
He is the thought in my head
As I write down these words
And sing his mournful song

I like to keep my blog anonymous, as there is personal luggage on it that shouldn’t have a name attached to it. I write mostly about what I see and what inspires me. I believe that simplicity has more complexity than people may realize. My poems aim to extract the complexity and show the beauty in the rubble. The poem I submitted is about the person who inspired me and who continues to posthumously. You can find more of WordsAreDeadly’s work on their blog, here.

Photo credit: xmansonettex on deviantart / Design credit: Laura A. Lord

Epic Fantasy

It’s our first tie and a three-way tie at that! So we will be featuring our three winners today at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. Thank you all for coming out to vote!

Epic Fantasy

Press start and from the first big drum sound count 4 Mississippi in a normal pace before you start reading (At around 0:19). The blue letters should fall together with a drum sound. (I hope). Sound needs to be on.

As the myth
has been written
in ancient scriptures
buried in the lands

a long time ago.

Hallows eve
its coming
once every
thousand years

when moon is crimson

Hell the womb
of a danger beast
Ready to give birth

the world trembles
in agony

Hallows eve
day of the dead
monsters, dragons
roam gloriously
free among


Distant church bells
carried across
oceans and lakes
on whistling winds

an ominous
storm is brewing
drawing in closer
tearing the skies


Rumbling earth

cracking crust
opening up
for its arrival
emerging from
flaming sea

Rising up

from the fires
taking its form
roar of mountains
crumbling at the feet
of this creature

Wings unfolding

blocking the sun
ashes falling
the lot
in shiny grey

Cries of hunger

thundering sky
cloaked in dust
its flapping wing
taking flight

for blood


In silence soaring
through the grey
bearings by senses

eyes look down
slithering snake
mirrored river
its path

trailing mist

presence hidden
nearing pray
death is cometh
the end of day

a new era is born
forsaken god
devil’s child
on the prowl


Barrage of thunder
mask its howl
tempest came
to the old town

Church bell chime
feed despair
brink of demise
shutters close

city centre
makeshift graves
of the fallen
rotting and moaning

bolt of lightning
shooting star
exploding square
from clouds he came

Scales blackened
ferocious snarl


Glowing amber
hazardous glare
silent cries
for lifeless horror
Prophecy for seen

Bells toll
for last battle
brass blowing
the army ready
with swords drawn
final battle
upholding peace
the fight begins


Flesh shredded
from broken bones
men struggle
whipping tail
crushing teeth

Savages released
to protect
still living
Glory honour
in afterlife

Spears straight
arrows glide
heart untouched
in gleaming shell
victory ahead

Century gone
the heart a seed
beating still
in earth’s womb
the myth rewritten

Just listen.

Congratulations to this week’s final community favorite, Ranting Crow. You can find the original piece on his blog, here.

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Photo Credit: roger5443 on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

A Beautiful Dance

It’s our first tie and a three-way tie at that! So we will be featuring our three winners today at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. Thank you all for coming out to vote!

A Beautiful Dance

It was a beautiful song,
that unexpectedly came along.

A jagged knife in his heart;
is where the end all starts.
The ache inside lingers still;
death is life’s toughest pill.
He willingly drank the warm nectar;
as demons laughed at the specter.
Seeing her lay so still and ashen white;
no breath and eyes void of sight.
Evil giggles and celebrates;
thinking it’s won this round of fate.
He stares in silent misery,
wondering if he, she is able to see.
The razor fangs of fate sunk deep;
taking what he held but could not keep.
Remains the memories of days;
two tortured souls, one could not stay.

It was a beautiful dance,
that all happened by chance.

Congratulations to this week’s second community favorite, Mark Schutter. You can find the original piece on his blog, here.

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Photo Credit: KatarzynaKostecka on deviantart / Design Credit: Laura A. Lord

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How hard was it to write to music?

How many of you usually use music when you’re writing?

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