The Winning Has Been Extended

On Tuesday, we gave you guys a super fun (at least, we hope) scavenger hunt! As of yesterday, only two people responded with answers! We’ve got prizes to give away guys! Give it a shot and see if you can get all the answers right. The winner will be announced Friday! So hurry, hurry, hurry!

Winner Takes All

Yesterday, we posted an amazing, super-cool, so-much-fun scavenger hunt and we’re on the edge of our seats to see who wins.

To win, you must be the first commenter with ALL of the correct answers. So even if you think someone else might already have it, post your answers anyway. We’ll check them and notify the winner tomorrow.

The first place winner will receive a free print edition of The Reverie Journal, Issue One.

The second place winner will receive a free e-book edition of The Reverie Journal, Issue One.

Good luck to you all!

A Wordy Vote #3

This week’s prompt got us playing around with another poet’s words.

Have you been reading your fellow poets? Well, now’s your chance!

Check them out and vote on your favorite. Voting will last until midnight tonight and the community favorite will be featured on the site tomorrow at 10 am EST.

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you next Monday for a new prompt!

In the meantime, consider submitting to our magazine, which is open and accepting submissions now. Or to our anthology for the theme of Back to Our Roots!

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Wordle Me This #3

It’s time for a new wordle! This week, I’ve taken words from one of our editor’s books, Depression’s Dance by Hastywords. There is no set amount of words you have to use, and you can use any form of the word listed below (plural, past tense, etc.)


Here are you words:


To check out Hastyword’s book, click here!

Good luck and have fun!

Remember, all entries must be linked back to this post with a pingback or by commenting by Friday at midnight EST. Saturday is the vote and Sunday the winner will be featured. The winner is also entered for a place in the spring edition of our magazine.

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Yeah, but why would I want to? You ask.

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18,000 and growing.

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I kid.


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