Remember the time? |Let’s talk about it

School is starting everywhere. It’s in the ads, the jaded memes, and the relieved sighs of harried moms all over the land.

It’s also the time that some of us reflect on what happened way back when, as we’re watching teens drive their first cars out of the driveway, tying baby’s shoes for kindergarten, and waving goodbye to those young adults moving on to college.

But this has me thinking about the books I read years ago. Things that I remember reading that helped shaped me (for better or worse) into the person I am today.

The poet that immediately comes to mind is Edgar Allan Poe. I started reading Poe when I was in the 6th grade. His macabre voice, use of repetition and dark symbols has stayed with me today.

What about you? Who is one poet you learned about in school that stayed with you all of these years?

Come talk to me in the comments.