Listening | Poetry Prompt

For the last prompt of the month, I bring to you the #1000Speak for compassion. This time the theme is “listening.” What does it really mean to listen? Has there been a time when you needed to be heard, but no one did? Have you listened to the voice inside your head and it steered you wrong? Did you listen to your mother’s advice and good things did happen? Was there a time when you were a trouble maker in school and one teacher helped you to listen and find your voice?

The prompt is as wide and free as your mind. Give me something tasty to chew on this week y’all. I need my brain teased. If you’d like, your poem can be added to the little zine that one of the members of #1000Speak for Compassion¬†will be collating.

Be sure to share with us your poem either by linking back to this post or copying it directly into the comments. Can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Hope you have a great week and happy writing!