Looking for a few good poets | Let’s Talk About


Poets, who would like to be a part of a discussion about this election for the podcast. This will work best if your poetry as some sort of political lean. If you know someone who would be perfect, send them my way. We’ve got some work to do and some interesting conversations to hold.

Contact me via email: thereveriejournal@gmail.com Subject: poet project

Let’s Talk About…A Q&A with Laura A. Lord

Every month I interview an indie author for my PenPaperPad Talks Books segment on my YouTube channel. This week, I interviewed Laura A. Lord, one of our esteemed editors. We discuss her poetry, self-esteem, and The Reverie Journal and our submissions.

One thing we didn’t mention in this interview that we’ve been talking about recently is the possibility of accepting spoken word pieces for our “Write for Us” and our Anthology submissions. With each year, we’d like to stretch ourselves. Push ourselves into trying something new. That’s the new addition to our 2016 submission process. We haven’t finalized the exact type of files that will work best for us, but when we do, we’ll update the submission page according.

Here we are in all of our awkward glory. If you have any questions or comments, definitely leave them down in the comments. I’ll meet you there!

*Next week, things will be to our normal schedule. Thanks for your patience.* 

World Poetry Day |Poetry Prompt


Today is World Poetry Day, dear poets. As such, we have to participate. I think it may be the law, the law of the poem. Or not.

But let’s have fun with it anyway!

For today’s prompt, let’s try something a little different. Your prompt is to write and share, but with a twist. Write a poem about any topic. Here’s a couple of ideas in case you need one: the freshness of spring, youth, rising from the ashes, and shedding old skin. You can certainly chose others, these were only suggestions.,

Hand write these prompts and not only link them up here. Share a picture of your handwritten poem – selections will be posted on GuardianWitness, the home of user-generated content on The Guardian. You can go over and see what they’ve already posted. The

The Deadline is March 31, 2016 to send to the GuardianWitness

If you post it here, you’d either have to link up to the a post or you’d need to type out the poem. And if they post your selection, definitely let us know!

It’ll be a fun exercise and maybe you’ll have a poem to submit to our anthology afterward. Learn a bit more about what we’re looking for here from Friday’s post.

Happy writing!


Hotel Amerika | Publishing Opportunity

The Spring tends to be the height of submissions season. It is a time to polish up those pieces and figure out exactly where you should send them for potential publication. While we hope you’ll consider us, we want to share other opportunities as well.

Hotel Amerika will be accepting submissions until May 1st! They are looking for exceptional poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Please view their submission guidelines here.

Contact: David Lazar, Editor

E-Mail: editors@hotelamerika.net

Website: http://www.hotelamerika.net/


Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.

Hoot | Publishing Opportunity

Some of the publishing opportunities we share with you are very specialized magazines and journals. This one is a very interesting look at poetry that makes me think along the lines of micropoetry. Remember that you can always submit to our Write for Us segment and that our magazine submissions are now open for the year.

Hoot is a postcard review of mini poetry and prose. Every month they publish one piece of poetry with artwork on a postcard. They look for surprising, brief, stand-on-its-own poetry.

Please view their submission guidelines here.

Contact: Amanda Vacharat and Dorian Geisler, editors

E-Mail: onlinesubmissions@hootreview.com

Website: http://www.hootreview.com/

Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.

The Helix | Publishing Opportunity

There is nothing more exciting then sending out your work with the hopes of finding a publisher. We at The Reverie want to share multiple opportunities with our poets for potential publication. Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our Write for Us. Please submit! Submissions for the magazine also just reopened.

Let us introduce you to The Helix, a student-run journal featuring work from their campus at Central Connecticut State University and all over the globe.

Submissions tend to be open in the Summer through the end of October and again in the Winter until mid-March.

Contact: Collin Q. Glasow, editor-in-chief

Email: helixmagazine@gmail.com

Please review their guidelines, here, before submitting.

Don’t forget, our Monday prompt is live and ready for you to write.

Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.


The Fiddlehead | Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work. Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our Write for Us. Submissions for the magazine and anthology are currently closed.

Today we’d like to introduce you to The Fiddlehead. The Fiddlehead is Canada’s longest living literary journal, according to the site. They are looking for short stories and poetry from all over the world written in English. Learn more about their ssubmission process here.

Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.