Smothered – Poetry Prompt

In the United States, yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day where we celebrate the women who have raised us through gifts, hugs, and a promise to not have to cook together.

As the dayprogressed and I read through my Facebook feed (like you do), I noticed there were soooooo many people who have truly complicated relationships with the mother figure in their lives. Whether she is toxic, overbearing, not around, not alive, not enough, these relations are overwrought with potential angst. A hotbed of poetry fodder.

Write about a ¬†maternal relationship of sorts. Be creative and dig deep. Remember, we’re potentially looking at these poems submitted for the anthology. What is this, you ask? Learn more about it here. Be sure to backlink your posts or share your link in the comments below.¬†

I hope you’re inspired and happy writing!

Some songs for a bit of inspiration:


Is It Always Personal? | Let’s talk about it

Sometimes when I write a poem it feels like I’m marching my past, present and future across the page to my reader’s eyes. Other times, the content is pulled from outside sources: the imagined relationship between two people on the bus, a particularly emotive news article, the way the trees sway in the breeze.

I would contend that even when the subject matter is totally separate from me and my experience, a bit of me still slips onto the page. She sneaks in, even when I don’t imagine her there. It may that no one else can see her. But I can.

What about you? Are you able to separate yourself from the subject matter in your poems? If you’re writing about a character, is it just that or is there a personal touchstone in your poetry? Let’s talk about it down below. .

See you down in the comments!