Smothered – Poetry Prompt

In the United States, yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day where we celebrate the women who have raised us through gifts, hugs, and a promise to not have to cook together.

As the dayprogressed and I read through my Facebook feed (like you do), I noticed there were soooooo many people who have truly complicated relationships with the mother figure in their lives. Whether she is toxic, overbearing, not around, not alive, not enough, these relations are overwrought with potential angst. A hotbed of poetry fodder.

Write about a  maternal relationship of sorts. Be creative and dig deep. Remember, we’re potentially looking at these poems submitted for the anthology. What is this, you ask? Learn more about it here. Be sure to backlink your posts or share your link in the comments below. 

I hope you’re inspired and happy writing!

Some songs for a bit of inspiration:


Let’s Talk About: Issue Two Open Call

Did you know we are looking for poetry for the next anthology? We’re looking for poetry that is going to inspire us and enrich us. We noticed with the last anthology (Available on Amazon) there weren’t as many love poems submitted. We couldn’t imagine why.

We’re extending a red carpet. Do send us your love poems as well as your heartbreak. There’s beauty in both and we’d like to showcase the good and the bad of human nature. It’s fascinating what we humans will do for those heavy and sometimes all-consuming emotions.

Spin us a tale of sorrow. Give a yarn filled with you youthful yearning or the sly lust of an older man’s wandering eye. Tell us the stories that are in your hearts and in your minds. We eagerly await your words.

Submissions are currently open for Issue 2. The call will close June 30th. We’re always looking for more people to spotlight in our weekly Write for Us feature. Check out the submissions page and send us your work.

We can’t wait to read what you have to say.



Contemporary Haibun | Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work.

Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our  Write for Us. Submissions for the magazine and anthology are currently closed.


Contemporary Haibun is the first Western journal dedicated to the poetic style haibun. It is a quarterly journal published in January, April, July, and October. Submission dates:

Oct 15 – Nov 30  of the previous year for the January Issue.
Jan 15 –  Feb 28  for the April Issue.
April 15 – May 31  for the July Issue.
July 15 – Aug 31  for the October Issue.

For more information, visit Contemporary Haibun’s submission guidelines.

Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.