World Poetry Day |Poetry Prompt


Today is World Poetry Day, dear poets. As such, we have to participate. I think it may be the law, the law of the poem. Or not.

But let’s have fun with it anyway!

For today’s prompt, let’s try something a little different. Your prompt is to write and share, but with a twist. Write a poem about any topic. Here’s a couple of ideas in case you need one: the freshness of spring, youth, rising from the ashes, and shedding old skin. You can certainly chose others, these were only suggestions.,

Hand write these prompts and not only link them up here. Share a picture of your handwritten poem – selections will be posted on GuardianWitness, the home of user-generated content on The Guardian. You can go over and see what they’ve already posted. The

The Deadline is March 31, 2016 to send to the GuardianWitness

If you post it here, you’d either have to link up to the a post or you’d need to type out the poem. And if they post your selection, definitely let us know!

It’ll be a fun exercise and maybe you’ll have a poem to submit to our anthology afterward. Learn a bit more about what we’re looking for here from Friday’s post.

Happy writing!