The Reverie Journal: Issue One Release Date

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This has been a long time coming, but we are so excited to announce the upcoming release of The Reverie Journal’s first issue – Available on Kindle October 9th!

That’s right. . .I said Kindle.

We struggled for some time trying to find the right outlet for our magazine. We wanted to showcase the amazing work submitted to us in the best possible way, and honesty, we just weren’t finding the right program to utilize.

So the magazine evolved and we decided to make this more of a book, allowing us the ability to truly customize it in the way we wanted and to offer all of you a beautiful, professional product.

In celebration of our first issue, you will be able to download the Kindle version for


Also, for those that have asked, there will be a print edition available. For the poets featured in our magazine we will have a discount code for you to use for the print edition. This is just our way of saying thank you for all the hard work you put in and the patience you have shown while we worked out the kinks.

In the meantime, get ready to share with all your friends and family so we can make this launch a success!

Would you like to help us share the word? Grab our button below and put it on your page!

Thank you and we can’t wait to keep working with you all!

The Reverie Journal
The Reverie Journal

Remember the time? |Let’s talk about it

School is starting everywhere. It’s in the ads, the jaded memes, and the relieved sighs of harried moms all over the land.

It’s also the time that some of us reflect on what happened way back when, as we’re watching teens drive their first cars out of the driveway, tying baby’s shoes for kindergarten, and waving goodbye to those young adults moving on to college.

But this has me thinking about the books I read years ago. Things that I remember reading that helped shaped me (for better or worse) into the person I am today.

The poet that immediately comes to mind is Edgar Allan Poe. I started reading Poe when I was in the 6th grade. His macabre voice, use of repetition and dark symbols has stayed with me today.

What about you? Who is one poet you learned about in school that stayed with you all of these years?

Come talk to me in the comments.

The Christian Monitor | Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work.

Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our  Write for Us. Submissions for the magazine and anthology are currently closed.

Today, let us introduce you to The Christian Science Monitor is a daily newspaper, which features poetry in The Home Forum section. “Wants finely crafted poems that explore and celebrate daily life, that provide a respite from daily news…,” according to the site.  Submission guidelines are here.


Whose Line Is It? | Poetry Prompt

Instead of a wordle or a description of a scene, this week’s prompt is a little different. Let’s play with a phrase this time. I’ll present to you a line or a phrase that has to be included somewhere in your poem. Be creative and be bold. Here’s the phrase:

“…it was all I ever wanted…”

Be sure to share with us your poem either by linking back to this post or copying it directly into the comments. Can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Hope you have a great week and happy writing!

Hot under the collar | Poetry Prompt

The prompt is a day late, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging for the week. I’ve been thinking a lot about firsts this month. It’s been hot outside and I was thinking about other things that leave you hot and bothered…

Or cold.

Possibly embarrassed.

I’m going to ask you to dig into your memory banks. Do you remember your first time? This first time should be an intimate contact. It could be intercourse or your first kiss. One of those firsts. Talk about it in a poem. What made it beauty, ugly, unremarkable, or cringe worthy?

Have you considered submitting to our Write for Us segment? We’d love to feature your work here on The Reverie! Click here for more information

Have fun and share your poems!


This is Long Over-Due…

I’ve been away.

I’ve been neglecting all responsibilities not directly connected to the swirling chaos that has become my life.

The husband lost his job.

I was up to my eyebrows in edits for my book.

I was nine months pregnant.

So…I made this:


And then took a job and hid myself away with my family to fall madly in love with this little guy. I mean, can you blame me? Look at that face!

The point is, I abandoned ship and left Tamara (probably so stressed she was cursing me mercilessly) to take over. She’s done an amazing job. In fact, she’s managed so freaking well I made the decision to step back into more of an assistant role than an editor role.

All that info aside…what does this mean for you?

It means we are behind on the magazine and there will be big changes with it. If we’ve accepted pieces from you WE STILL TO FEATURE THEM! However, the idea of two magazines and an anthology are more than can be handled at the moment.

This project has evolved and changed and we are hoping you’ll hang in there with us. We’re working hard to give you a completed project you will be proud to showcase.

Stay tuned for more info in the following weeks!

The Chattahoochee Review | Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work. Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our magazine, anthology, or Write for Us submissions.

Today, let us introduce you to The Chattahoochee Review is a literary journal sponsored by Georgia Perimeter College. Call for Submissions: Migration. TCR seeks submissions for its Fall/Winter 2015 double issue with a special focus on Migration. Deadline September 15, 2015, or until the issue fills. Note the call in a cover letter, but otherwise, follow the appropriate guidelines. According to site.

The submission guidelines are here.

Contact: Lydia Ship, Managing Editor