Robin by Laura A. Lord

She woke in sleek lines and snapping tendons,
eyes parting on lavender fields – this sudden
awakening was ally to the bundle of lines

there, at the corner of her mouth.
Her smile lit the edges of dark shadows
and chased with the light of our sin
any chance of absolution with this sunrise.

I buried the sunlight in the
heat that gathered at her chest and
ravaged her cheeks, until red flags
possessed her and the purity of her skin
was wiped clean by kissing lips
and sympathetic fingers…

I tripped along the image of a Robin,
that she was named for,
red-breasted as
the heat of emotion and languid
tongue rolling along her ethereal length
left her – skin glistening and shining
bright as a cherry,

and I, parting her hair and twisting each lock
like twine around my finger,
I dug a wry glimpse of the divine from under
the crinoline of her lashes where
the clear depths of her regret
were washed free with each faltering
grasp at the edge of the precipice.

She woke in sleek lines and snapping tendons,
an abrupt fall from slumber to present,
from plummeting to bursting.

© Laura A. Lord, 2016

Written in response to this week’s prompt: Name It. Were you able to come up with a love poem this week? Did you find inspiration in a name? Let’s see them!

A Little Love from Nothing

So last week we gave you thirteen romantic words and then asked you not to write us a romantic poem. It can be challenging to make words we normally associate with certain emotions work the other way around for us. In the same spirit of opposites attract, here are thirteen more words.

They aren’t romantic, but we want romance from you. Take these words and make us feel the love.

Remember to share the prompt and that every poem linked up for the week will be considered for this issue of the magazine. Submissions are now open, so send in your best work!
1. apathy
2. animosity
3. indifference
4. disdain
5. hatred
6. merciless
7. cowardice
8. fear
9. disloyal
10. lie
11. fake
12. broken
13. misery

Puppy Love | Poetry Prompt

Poetry prompt about young love

Hey everyone! I was thinking about love this weekend. Young love. My daddy used to call it puppy love. Everything feels so much more when you’re a teenager in love. The emotions are that much more amped, that much more exaggerated. They’re harsher. Brighter. And everything feels like it’s the end of the world, or the beginning of everything.


Let’s write about a young romance. Whether it’s at the burning beginning or the fiery fade-away, let’s write poetry about youthful love.

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Have fun and share your poems!


I Love Me, I Love Me Not

This weekend we’re celebrating one of those holidays people either love, or love to hate.

But in the spirit of love and romance and all those ooey-gooey feelings, I want you to write a love poem.

Hold on.

It’s not going to be that easy.

I want to challenge you to write a love poem from someone who loves you’s perspective. Did you catch that? That means a husband, girlfriend, partner, mother, grandfather, child, best friend, whoever you have in this world that loves you…You are going to write a love poem…to yourself…as if it were written by them.

Sound difficult? It is. It’s never easy to put yourself into someone else’s voice and try to write from their standpoint.

It’s even harder to write love poetry about yourself.

But I think you can do it. I KNOW you can do it.

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Remember, all entries must be linked back to this post with a pingback or by commenting by Friday at midnight EST. Saturday is the vote and Sunday the winner will be featured.

Photo Credit: the-psycrothic on deviantart