May the Fourth Be With You

Star WarsLast Friday, we discussed how the manipulation of the space in a poem can affect the work and add meaning. If you’re interested in joining that discussion, check it out here.

Personally that is a challenge for me. My default poetry look is pretty basic. So I thought, what better way to try this out than to make it a prompt? Also, it’s May the 4th and I’m a bit of a nerd, so….

Today’s wordle is brought to you by the beginning lines of the Star Wars script as shown on Use at least five words from it to create your poem. (You can use as many as you want.) Try to change up the look of your poem to impact meaning.

Make sure share it in the comments so we can all bask in your words.

Check out what each is doing and share! Let’s build this community. All links will be added to this year’s digest.

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Have fun and share this post!