Ulysses by Gary Tribble

Artist: Joby Dorr

Artist: Joby Dorr

As no one tied me to the mast.
I dove in headlong, swiftly swimming
To the nearby stony shore;
And there was dashed against the rocks.

Tossed by churning waters
Back and forth, in frothy foam,
Drawn by voices indistinct,
Disjointed, stretched in violence.

Disoriented where the waves fell
Hard on boulders’ jagged edges.
Lost — my former goal, my purpose —
In this great new urgent need — survival.

Where are now my boon companions
Whom I should have charged to bind me?
How had I abandoned them,
And let my yearning overwhelm

All my training, all my wisdom,
What experience had shown
Must inevitably follow
Following my yearning heart?

Now I strive to make some sense of
Where I am, of what confronts me
How to exercise control of
All my strength, establish bearings

That will let me choose a handhold,
Hold a jagged edge of boulder
Flexibly, just long enough
To thrust myself up free of swirling,

Tossing forces that would dash me
To disjointed pieces if I
Let them overwhelm my strength,
My purpose, vision, goals — my future.

Now above the cliff, surveying
What my strength has won for me.
Calm, reflecting on my struggle,
Turn and set my foot ahead.

Dedicated to Michael S. Tribble, who wears Ulysses on his arm.

Lost in the Darkness | Prompt

Some of you may noticed the prompt was…well,…not here yesterday.

I am so very blessed to be living in the affected area of what everyone seems to be calling “snowacopolyse.” I’d laugh at the absurdity of it, but I’m on day three of having my children home from school and it’s just not funny anymore.

We had a power outage yesterday that left us spending quality time together in the glow of so many candles it looked like we were mourning the dead or performing a demonic incantation.

So in light of our darkness, I want you to write about the darkness.

Make it your theme, use the word, talk about light in the darkness…Whatever inspires you, let the darkness guide it!

Remember to link up by posting in the comments below or linking back to this post. All poems submitted for the prompt will be considered for this year’s magazine. Happy writing!

Game Prompt: Voting

It’s been awhile since we’ve done voting on poetry, so I’m excited to see everyone coming out for their favorites. This voting is ONLY for this week. Remember to share and visit one another’s work. The poet with the highest number of votes will have their poem featured here tomorrow morning and will be entered as a submission for the upcoming magazine issue.

Our prompt this week was to use the word “game,” as the word itself or the theme of it. We had some great entries, so good luck and we’ll see you next Monday with a new prompt.

Contrary Magazine| Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work.

Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our  Write for Us. Submissions for the magazine and anthology are currently closed. Don’t forget our first Issue is coming out Oct. 9th.

Today let us introduce you to Contrary Magazine. This zine publishes fiction, poetry, and literary commentary. It “prefers work that combines the virtues of all those categories.” Submissions are accepted via web site. “Beautiful writing catches our eye first. If we realize we’re in the presence of unanticipated meaning, that’s what clinches the deal.” Deadline for Winter submission is Dec. 1st. For more information go here.

“Tips: All fiction must have a dark, surreal, fantastical bend to it. It should be out of the ordinary and/or experimental. Can also be contemporary. ”

Submission guidelines here.

Contact:  Jack Fisher

email: the-darkmagazine@gmail.com

Publishing Opportunities are compiled from information gathered in the 2015 Poet’s Market.

Black Warrior Review | Publishing Opportunity

Part of what we do here at The Reverie Journal is to tell you about opportunities to share your work. Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our magazine, anthology, or Write for Us submissions.

Today, let us introduce you to Black Warrior Review. The editors of BWR read regular Poetry, Prose, and Nonfiction submissions from December 1-March  1 and June 1-September 1. “We do NOT consider previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are welcomed, if noted, and please notify us immediately if the work is accepted somewhere else. Please do not mix genres in the same submission,” according to website.

More submission information here.

Contact: Kirby Johnson, editor

Email: interns.bwr@gmail.com

Prelude To Zero (7) | Nate Maxson

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about the 20th century any more, maybe it’s all in the past but if it’s in the past then it’s possible that I, having been born as it ended, never stood a chance and am still in the past

Still expecting a happy ending though the only place that happens nowadays is in shady massage parlors, our happy ending is the moment one machine rams full speed into another

Hindenbergs in time like icebergs in the Mississippi river, all in time: the coastlines shriveling so I see Debussy’s ship escaping into the gray havens (one of the few fictional promises I can understand perhaps due to its inherent bitterness) never to touch an instrument (navigational or otherwise) again

Nate Maxson is a writer and performance artist. He is the author of several collections of poetry, most recently “The Age Of Jive” from Red Dashboard Press. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Match Point


Match Point:  Wimbledon Center Court  From a photograph of Boris Becker by Adam Stoltman at Wimbledon 1985

Right after the yelling
screams, roars of adoration
spurs as trophies flash
in the servers eyes, wiping
brow as camera focuses
closer he bounces his rival
two time champion waits
for can opener lifting
the ball

as the audience gasps, ready
for the ace, with loudest grunt
forewarns. One swing before
the tears or will his fate bring
cheers rallying heads bobbling
back and forth on grass, grasping
center court on grass attention
match point strikes the tension
of 40 love—

not waiting for the shout
of the ball’s epic
first flight
to land on the grass,
soft hands, curves the grip
for his backhand returns;
this grinder dives reaches out,
the ball paints the line
as the crowd ignites—
all the racket hits is nerves.

Nothing but strikes as he swings
The only sound, his shoes
squeaking on center court.
Through the net, breath
caught, withstanding all
between the sweats, forgoing doubt
no time to confess, reaching
for an upset as the ball fades,
as the crowd
gasps too still to shout;
falling towards the chalk
line, match point, landing
fast— will it be
in or out?

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is an L.A. poet whose work appears in the new True Romance Poems collection, 1000 Tankas for Michael Brown, The Lake Poetry, Edgar Allen Poet Journal # 2, Fukushima Poetry Anthology, The New Verse News, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Spilt Ink Poetry, Erotic T Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine’s Latino Poetry Project, Love Poetry Lovers, Silver Birch Press, Transcendence Magazine, Ealain Literary & Art Magazine, ZO Magazine, Thick With Conviction, Oddball Magazine, The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, Men’s Heartbreak Anthology, Purrfect Poetry Anthology and in Poetry in Motion’s collection Poems to Fuck to. He is currently enrolled in the MFA Graduate program at Antioch University in Los Angeles.