Acrostic – Learning New Forms

Don’t think of this as another prompt. Instead, let’s look at it as a bit of a challenge…an exciting way to learn something new!

Have you ever tried an acrostic?

Acrostic poetry is a form of short verse and constructed by a placing capitalized word or phrase vertically down the page to form the initial letters of each line of poetry. Each line is used to relate to the word, or praise the subject…

Autonomous Poetry


– May use one word or a phrase (placed vertically down the page)
– One letter per line (letter must be capitalized)
– Each line of poetry must begin with the letter on that line and must relate to the word or phrase
– Does not have to rhyme

Let’s have an example:

Pouring out our words
Onto scraps of space
Etching out a place
To leave the legacy of our names
Reaching for that far flung goal
Yearning to be read

So let me see some of your acrostics! You can leave them in the comments below or post them on your blog and link back to us. Have fun with this one!