We have the youngest poet to debut on our page. Give her a warm welcome!

She could feel the walls closing in,
Slowly suffocating her to death
She could feel all her senses going numb
As she slowly ran out of breath
She knew she could run, but never hide
From those voices that hunted her down
She was trapped in a labyrinth, confused and lost
As she struggled for a way to escape
Waves of nausea and panic overcame her
As she tried to find a way out, from the eternal maze,
That unleashed her deepest and darkest fears
And trapped her in her own nightmares

Anonymous Indian is a happy 15-year-old girl who lives in the beautiful country of India. She loves to write and considers blogging to be the perfect platform to express her creativity.

3 thoughts on “TRAPPED!

  1. Thank You so much for publishing my poem ! However, this isn’t my first poem to be published here 😀 In fact, my first submission was published on Nov. 5th 2014 . You can check it out here -


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