Poetry and schools | Let’s Talk About

When I was a kid, I loved words. I was such a book nerd that punishment was not allowing me to read books. (Cruel, so very cruel.)

I remember the first poem I’d ever written. It was one of those “I Am” poems during a summer workshop. I was amazed that I could write a poem. One that made sense and was my own. Even later on when I learned more about poetry in school, I was totally enthralled. I felt like finding hidden meaning in poems was solving a puzzle. A search a word of meaning.

However, I realize this experience is not the same for everyone. I know so many people (and I’m going to guess you do too) who say, “I hate poetry,” when I mention writing it. They are immediately turned off by the idea. They have their minds made up that poetry is as fun as having a colonoscopy.

I wonder if their experience isn’t the same, because they weren’t first introduced to poetry in a fun way. So poets and poetry enthusiast, tell me–how did you start enjoying poetry? Was it from school? Did you hate poetry in high school, but grew to love it in college? Let’s talk about it down below.

See you down in the comments!


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