Acumen Magazine – Publishing Opportunity

We wanted to share some love with our community and pass along information for other publishing opportunities out there…

Though we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for our magazine, anthology, or Write for Us submissions.

Today we are featuring, Acumen Magazine.

From their site:

All poetry is read carefully. Any poem that may possibly have a chance of publication is shortlisted and from this shortlist the final poems for the magazine are chosen. All other poems are returned within one to six weeks . Any unused shortlist poems are returned as soon as possible. Due to high postage costs, however, poems which are not shortlisted, but which have accompanied a shortlisted poem, will be held along with that poem so that the s.a.e. can be used for the final decision. I receive around 10,000- 15,000 poems a year; and can only publish a hundred and fifty at the most; so the chances of rejection are high. But then this applies to most magazines.

When reading poetry I look for a poem that says something which is not trivial, not obvious, doesn’t use outworn images or diction, and which works at many levels simultaneously.

Please click here for the rest of their submission guidelines. 

Address: Ember Press / Acumen Publications, 6 The Mount, Higher Furzeham, Brixham, South Devon. TQ5 8QY. UK


Contact: Patricia Oxley, Editor

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