What emotions do you write from? | Let’s Talk About It

When I initially started writing poetry, it was because of a boy. Not the happy bits where I was so excited to get to know him and everything was magical. The hard parts where I felt like he’d ripped open my chest, snatched out my heart, and bludgeoned it with a brick.

Oh teenage angst, how I don’t miss thee.

But this did seem to start a precedent for me. I tend to draw on the sadder, darker moments for poetry. It helps me to process the moment, sure, but it also seems like an easier well for me to draw.

What about you? Do you write more about sad moments? Are the happy things that make your pen move for your verses? Or are emotions more of a part of the journey rather than a destination for your poetry?

If you have a poem that’s about a goodbye, be sure to share it for this week’s prompt.

8 thoughts on “What emotions do you write from? | Let’s Talk About It

  1. Ugh, WordPress, how I hate thee. Let me recreate what I said in the post that just got eaten.
    If I write “happy” stuff, it’s either silly or pure crap. I don’t mind writing silly stuff at times. I try to avoid pure crap..
    Most of my poetry comes from despair or anger, and therefore, nobody comments on it. People want this to be the Disneyland planet. They don’t like to acknowledge that overall this world is kind of an unhappy place and that some people are not particularly happy souls.

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  2. When I started writing, I wrote from a lot of teen angst driven despair too. I will probably never share those pieces; I can recognize now that they’re terrible lol. That said, my work now still is very emotional, sometimes sad or angry. My friends and I laugh that I still write with the voice of “over dramatic teenage girl ” lol. If I try to write more uplifting, or even about nature at all, it just doesn’t work for me.

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  3. […] On Friday’s Let’s Talk About It… conversation, it would seem that most of us write about things that are darker, sadder, angrier, etc. Let’s try to stretch ourselves and write about something outside of the norm. A happy moment, a memory, a thought, whatever your inspiration, let the poem have a positive rather than negative spin. […]


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